JUSTICE FOR ALL....                                       



This 15" Skin Tone Lady Justice is made from a heavy poly-resin and comes with a Rosewood Base. 

$37.00 U.S.D. (+$17.50 for Shipping/Handling)

Lady Justice in Greek Antique (18" Tall) with a Clock Base.  NOW at this special price, while quantities last!

$47.00 U.S.D (+$17.50 for Shipping/Handling)



This Greek Antique Lady Justice is also made from heavy poly-resin and is presented with a Rosewood base.  

She stands 15" Tall.

$37.00 U.S.D. (+$17.50 for Shipping/Handling)

This Full Size 57" Tall and 21" Wide Lady Justice Statue is also made from the heavy poly-resin and is presented in a striking pose on a pedestal!  She make a beautiful addition to any office or library!  

$475.00 U.S.D. (+$90.00 for Shipping and Handling)